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The Buffalo Newspaper Guild, the largest union representing workers at The Buffalo News, is negotiating a new contract with Lee Enterprises, the new owner of The News. 

Lee Enterprises, based in Iowa, wants to lay off one-quarter of the Guild workers at The Buffalo News, outsource their jobs to Mexico, Oklahoma, Indiana, Wisconsin and Virginia, and freeze the pensions of all Buffalo Newspaper Guild members even though the fully-funded pension doesn’t cost Lee Enterprises a dime. 

Lee Enterprises, which pays its CEO more than $1 million a year in compensation, even wants to cut the mileage reimbursement it pays to the Buffalo News photojournalists, reporters and delivery managers who make sure your newspaper is on your doorstep. 

Review Lee Enterprises’ proposals against our proposals.

Meanwhile, the company refuses to consistently and ethically label online advertising that masquerades as legitimate news. The company won’t even guarantee the right for our journalists to have their work published online.

These contract demands from Lee Enterprises will have a negative effect on the quality of The Buffalo News and on the customer service our subscribers and advertisers expect. 

The Guild believes more errors will get published. The world-class design of The Buffalo News will suffer if our designers are laid off and their work is done at a cookie-cutter hub in the midwest. Our deadlines will be artificially early, and late breaking local and national news and scores from sporting events will vanish from your paper. 

The delivery of the newspaper will also be hurt. Good luck telling a low-paid call center worker in Mexico that your paper wasn’t delivered to your home in Amherst, Cheektowaga or Tonawanda. 

As a whole, the Lee Enterprises proposals will make The Buffalo News a less attractive place to work. It will be harder to attract talented journalists to join our staff. And that will impact the quality of our journalism in the future. 

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